Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday Teaser - ISSC11

Toot! Toot! It's another Teaser post and this week it's in beautiful shades of blue :) This little tid bit is a look into Friday's future for the upcoming ISSC11 sketch and as always, it's by the original artist :D So who's going to be playing along with us?

iSpy with my little eye, card made by _____________ :)

While you are here peeking at this Teaser, if you would like to play along with the current challenge then please join us over at this post :)

PS: I just sent out the invitations for the May Featured Sketch Artists *big grin*. Are you one of our inspirations? You will just have to wait and see ;) I know. I'm terrible for making you wait. Muhahahaha! <---- That's my most evil laugh :D

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